Avenue™ is an innovative e-assessment platform for building custom language tasks to capture, evaluate, archive, and visualize progress of video-based learner performances in any world language classroom.

For teachers, Avenue is simple

1. Record, upload, or search for your media

The Avenue Media Library is the hub of your task building efforts. You can record a unique video tailored to your class, upload an image or video from your hard drive, or search using the integrated Flickr tool for Creative Commons images to use in your tasks.

2. Build customized tasks in minutes

With the easy-to-use Avenue Task Builder, you can create customized assessments tailored to the next week, next day, or even next hour of your class. On average, tasks take fewer than 3 minutes to create and assign to all of your students.

3. Assign tasks to one or all with ease

With the Assign tool, you can select a single student or drag across all of your classes to create customized tasks. Due dates can also be set and modified for each student or class. Assigning tasks has never been easier.

4. Assess with custom scores, video, and text

In addition to the custom scoring matrix you create when building your task, Avenue gives you the flexibility to record a tailored feedback video and provide qualitative text comments for each student.

View student progress

Interactive visualization tools clearly display student performance and progress, in addition to the ability to compare and contrast individual student data with an entire class. You can also export all individual and course performance data for external use.

Manage with ease

An integrated learner management system makes managing data across multiple courses easy. In addition, you can manually add or invite a list of students for increased ease-of-use.

For students, Avenue is even simpler

1. Students complete assigned tasks

Once you assign a task, students receive an automated email with the task name and due date. Using the custom instructions, media, and scoring matrix you created, students then complete your task. Once they have recorded their video, they have the opportunity to self-assess their performance and leave notes or questions for you.

2. Students review feedback + progress

As a way to promote continuous reflection in their language development, students maintain an unlimited archive of all of their Avenue performances in every class. Students have the same visualization tools as you and can view their progress individually while also comparing it to their class (maintaining privacy).

Leave the tech specs to Avenue

Before logging in, Avenue automatically checks your system to ensure optimal performance, then walks you through any items that need to be addressed.

Based on years of integration in 1000s of K-12 and postsecondary classrooms, we have a comprehensive FAQ and info guide to help you with any questions that may arise. Avenue also has video walk-throughs on every screen to assist you if needed, as well as support accessible from anywhere in the system for individual support needs. We’ve got you covered.